Lifetime Donations and Fundraising FAQs

When will incentives for Lifetime Donations be available?

Work is currently in progress to create the redemption system for lifetime donation rewards. We are targeting Fall 2024 for this work to be completed. Further details on the redemption process will be shared as we approach project completion.


What Lifetime Donation incentives will be offered?

We are offering three tiers of in-game incentives for Lifetime Donation rewards. The current rewards are:

  • $250 – Covalence emblem
  • $777 - Van der Waals Force emblem
  • $1500 - Above and Beyond emblem


What events qualify towards Lifetime Donations?

Only Bungie Foundation hosted fundraisers through our Donor Drive or Tiltify  platforms will count towards the lifetime totals. Events for third -party partners such as: GCX, Kilts For Kids, The Gauntlet, our Maui campaign, and our COVID fundraiser will not count towards these totals. Donor Drive events that DO COUNT for lifetime totals include:

  • Game2Give (2019-2023)
  • Bungie Day (2022-2023)
  • Guardian Games (2022-2023)
  • Team Rubicon Preparedness Month (2022)
  • Turkey /Syria Earthquake (2023)
  • Black History Month (2023)
  • Women’s History Month (2023)
  • AANHPI Heritage month (2023)
  • Pride Month (2023)
  • General Bungie Foundation donations made directly through our website from 2022 onwards


I made donations under multiple addresses; how can I get credit for all of them?

To merge accounts, you must have an active Tiltify account and provide valid receipts from each email address you would like to merge with your account. Accounts cannot be merged unless you have provided consent to migrate your historical data from Donor Drive into Tiltify. 

Please submit a help ticket to Bungie Foundation support containing the above information. Merge requests will not be honored without valid receipts.


What events count towards Lifetime Fundraising rewards?

All individual fundraising campaigns in support of the Bungie Foundation with an active Tiltify account will count towards all Lifetime Fundraising goals. This includes any personal campaigns hosted outside of our major fundraising events. Please note: No team campaigns will count towards individual goals. 

In addition to all individual Tiltify campaigns, the below historical fundraising campaigns will count towards lifetime rewards:

  • Game2Give 2019-2023
  • Bungie Day 2022-2023
  • Guardian Games 2022-2023

You must consent for your historical data to be migrated from DonorDrive to Tiltify in order for any previous fundraising to qualify.