Data Migration

What personal data will be migrated to Tiltify?

Personal data which will be migrated includes the user’s name, email, phone, address, fundraising campaign registrations, donation dates, and donation amounts.

We will not be migrating any billing information, credit card information, or data from campaigns held by third parties outside of our platform. The excluded events include GCX, Kilts For Kids, Gauntlet, and our Maui campaign.


What events will I get credit for donating to?

All campaigns held on our DonorDrive platform will receive credit for donations and fundraising efforts. These events include:

  • Game2Give 2019
  • Game2Give 2020
  • Game2Give 2021
  • Game2Give 2022
  • Game2Give 2023 (held in January 2024)
  • Bungie Day 2022
  • Bungie Day 2023
  • Guardian Games 2022
  • Guardian Games 2023


When will I be able to see my migrated data and lifetime totals?

If you opted-in by June 12, 2024, 10:00 AM Pacific, your data will be migrated by July 31, 2024. If you responded after this deadline, you will be added to a queue which will be processed in intervals over the next several months.

Opt-ins received by July 1, 2024, 10:00 AM Pacific will be migrated by July 31, 2024. Any response received after this date will be migrated in late 2024. Our goal is to have all data from opted-in users migrated prior to our Game2Give campaign in January 2025.


I opted-in to the migration, what do I do next?

Once you have opted-in and created your Tiltify account, you will need to ensure that the email address associated with your Tiltify account matches the email address that is associated with your donations in Donor Drive. After creating your Tiltify account, no action is needed. We will share more information for next steps as we get closer to the migration completion date. 


I have seen others receive their lifetime rewards and I have donated during past campaigns, where are my rewards?

You should have received an email on June 3, 2024 to opt-in for us to migrate your data from Donor Drive to Tiltify. Please check back in your inbox as well as spam/junk folders to locate the email and click to opt-in. The lifetime fundraiser rewards to integrate to Tiltify is anticipated to complete by July 31. The lifetime donation rewards is anticipate to complete late 2024. 


How do I redeem my lifetime donation emblems or lifetime fundraiser rewards after the migration?

When the data migration is complete, you will need to log into your Tiltify account and claim your donation and fundraising history. Once you have claimed your donation and fundraising history, you will be able to claim any lifetime rewards you are eligible for. There will be a link in Tiltify for you to redeem your rewards. 


Where can I find my rewards after I've redeemed them?

Once redeemed, you can find Emblems under Collections>Flair>General. If the emblem does not immediately appear in-game after you've redeemed it, you may need to restart the game and console.

Shaders, Ships, Ghost Shells, other rewards will need to be retrieved from your Special Deliveries Terminal behind Rahool Cryptarch in the Tower. Once retrieved from the Special Deliveries Terminal, you can find your reward in your Collections under the appropriate categories.


Before data migration takes place: I have more than one email address in Donor Drive and created my Tiltify account with my preferred email address, how do I/can I merge all my email address to one email?

Yes, we can merge all your donations in Donor Drive to the email address you created in Tiltify. Please submit a help ticket and provide all email addresses associated with your donations in Donor Drive and specify the email address you would like all donations to move over to. To ensure those email addresses are associated to you, please confirm the billing address associated with your emails.