I didn't receive an email with my URL to redeem my Destiny Loot?

There are a few reasons this might have happened. If you were planning on contacting our team for help with this issue and wanted to get a head start on identifying the cause, below are the steps we use to troubleshoot:

  • Double check your spam folder for the below subject line
    • "Thank you for supporting Game2Give. Important info inside."

  • Search your inbox for any emails from charityevents@bungie.com.
  • Be sure to check the inbox of the email associated with your donation:
    • If you paid by credit card, it would have been the email you entered to complete the transaction
    • If you paid by PayPal, it would been the default email associated with this payment profile

  • Verify that your total donations to Game2Give qualify for the Destiny loot offers:
    • You will earn 1 credit for every $7 donated

If you've tried all of the steps above and are still unable to retrieve your redemption URL, please submit a support form via this site and our team will assist you.