How to add your own fundraising progress bar stream overlay?

Let's face it. As gamers, we like to have some sense of progress as we embark on our epic quests.

Well so do donors! So much so, that you might be delighted to find how motivated supporters are just to have their name displayed on the screen as the most recent contributor. And why wouldn't they? Doing good should feel good.

Here's how to set find your own personalized campaign progress bar URL, which you can overlay on your stream to broadcast automatic progress updates and celebrate each donation with your community:

Step 1.) Log into your Game2Give profile, then click on the "View Your Page" link from your main campaign dashboard:

Step 2.) From your main campaign landing page, click on Settings:
Step 3.) From your settings menu options, click on "Add a stream to your page":

Step 4.) From your "Add a stream" menu options, you copy the URL listed under the "Add a graphic overlay to your stream!" section: 
Step 5.) Depending on your broadcasting software, look for an option that allows you to display webpages in your stream as a layer, then add the URL where prompted to do so. You can also click on the "See a preview" link just below where your overlay URL is shown for an idea of how the overlay will look:
Step 6.) Put on a show and let your overlay do all the work to keep chat informed on your crush your goals and celebrate each passing milestone.