How to set custom Milestone rewards for your Game2Give fundraiser:

Setting custom Milestone rewards is one of the most effective ways to engage your community and build some hype around your Game2Give campaign.

Some example Milestone rewards could include completing a dare (flip a coin to delete a particularly valuable item from your inventory that your community has voted on) or hosting your own community give away.

Here's how to set your own Milestones:

Step 1.) Log into your Game2Give profile, then click on the "View Your Page" link from your main campaign dashboard:

Step 2.) From your main campaign landing page, click on Settings:

Step 3.) From your settings menu options, click on "Manage your milestones":
Step 4.) Set a goal marker (in dollars raised) and description for your Milestone:

Step 5.) Pat yourself on the back for going the extra mile to provide some extra excitement for your supporters to help sick and injured kids from around the world. :)